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From: Benjamin Orlando
Subject: HeartbrokenThis is my new series it is called "Heartbroken". Hopefully you like
it. Email me if you like it and read my other
series "Divorced".When I was 8 I noticed that I wasn't like the other boys. Instead of
liking girls like I was supposed to; I have found that I was interested
in boys. Most likely older boys, so when I finally hit the age of 13 I
was dating guys. My first love was with this boy named Michael Anthony
Licari. He was perfect, he was the first boy I had ever fallen in love
with. And he was the first guy that was actually around my age.Mike had something about him something that everyone liked. He was
friends with everyone even though he was gay. He was about 5ft 9in, 14
years old and danced but hung out with jocks. He was known as the "cool
gay kid", plus his brothers went to the same school so no one messed
with Preteen Top
him. Well one day I was walking with my friend Ashley and she knew
that I was gay and was in search of a cock. So she said she knew this
kid that broke up with his recent boyfriend and is perfect for me. So
two days later I met Mike. He was wearing these low hip faded blue jeans
with a tight shirt on and his hair gelled forward.I stared at him in shock, the man of my dreams, his brown soft eyes, his
full lips, and he smelled like vanilla. After the third day of knowing
Mike I was dating him. I was so scared he was going to be the first guy
I have ever done anything with. I went to his house one day and that was
when it happened. I was sitting on his coach and no one was home, he
came over to me and sat Preteen Top
on top of me. My started to panic my heart
raced, he whisper in my ear saying "its okay I want you to, it will be
our little secret". He leaned his head and closed his eyes I knew that
he was going to kiss me. I thought maybe I shouldn't but something
rushed over me and I leaned my head and kissed him. It was the most
intimate kiss I had ever had.After putting away from that kiss he started to pull at the buttons on my
shirt. Unbuttoning one by one, kiss my neck, I started to rub his back.
He finally pulled my shirt off and started to touch my chest giving it
little kisses here and there. His hand slipped down to my stomach and
reached my jeans. I was wearing a belt but with his one hand and the
experience he had, he removed my belt with one hand. Then he unbuttoned
my jeans and yanked my zipper down. I was hard by then. Suddenly my
jeans were around ankles. And Mike looked at me and smile "I guess this
isn't going to be such a little secret after all" my cock stood
straight up all 7 inches of Preteen Top it. He grabbed it and started to massage
just the head of my dick with his palm. The sensation was phenomenal;
I've never experienced anything like it. Then he said "you want me to
suck you off" I nodded with delight. He got off of me and kneeled on
the floor in front of me. He opened his mouth and took as much of my
cock as he could. There was still a little bit that he couldn't take
but it didn't matter. The suction around my cock was tremendous and
every time he came up to the top of my cock I shivered with chills. It
was the best feeling in the world. Then he started to suck and jerk me
off at the same time. Within about 20 minutes my body got goose bumps
everywhere, a rush flowed through my body and it rushed right out of my
cock into Mike's mouth. I shot about 4 streams and I took a couple of
hard breathes.Mike swallowed and stood up and said "how was that" I replied "where
did all the cum go". Without think about it; I knew that he swallowed
but I wanted to know what it tasted liked. So I decided that it was my
turn, I needed to learn how to give head but I didn't know how to do
it. Sure I have seen porn and they make it look so easy. So when Mike
sat down on the couch, I got up adjusted myself fixed my pants and turn
to him. I stuck my knee in between his legs and spread them apart. I
kneeled down and took my one hand and felt up his pant leg until I
reached his cock.At first I pulled back not know what I was doing but then I started to
touch, then grab, the massage his cock. He leaned his head back and
closed his eyes. I unbutton his jean, and my heart started to race. Was
I really going to do this suck a guy's dick? Then I pulled the zipper
down and my hands Preteen Top started to tremble. I pulled his pants down and his
boxers and there about two inches away from my face stood his 8 inch
uncut cock. Mike opened his eyes and titled his head back forward "are
you okay" he said. I kept starring at his dick, and said in a nervous
voice "huh yeah". I gripped it in my hands and started to rub it, I
was scared to put in my mouth. But then I felt Mike's hand on the back
of my head pull my lips toward his cock. I got closer and closer until
my Preteen Top lips parted and took about 5 inches of it in my mouth. I started to
do what I saw in porn as I sucked I jerk. I must admit it was fun so I
started to go faster sucking a bit harder. After a while my jaw went
numb and I couldn't feel my lips but I continued until the moment came.
He pushed his hips up and his cock pushed deeper into my throat until I
tasted the salt cum in my mouth. I swallowed the first 2 streams and
wanted to gag but as the others followed it didn't taste that bad as I
thought. I suck every last drop of cum and then pulled away wiped my
chin and stood up."Wow that was amazing for your first try" Mike said, I still could feel
my lips I put a finger on them to check if they were still there and
mumbled "thanks". Mike fixed himself and kissed me a long passionate
kiss. Then I rested my head oh his chest Preteen Top and we feel asleep on the couch
when I awoke I was still in Mike's arms I smelled his vanillanish. I
looked at the clock it was 9 o clock I need to be home at 9 :30 so
Mike's mom drove us home when she got home.I got out of the car waved Mike goodbye and ran inside. My mom was
cleaning and she asked "did you boys have fun" I laugh in my mind and
thought "yeah, good night mom". I ran to my room got dress for bed and
went to sleep. But I couldn't sleep I kept thinking about Mike. It was
10 by now and I couldn't sleep I was so hard. I decided to jerk off
really quick and when I finished I found myself sound asleep.
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